Into The Void (2019)

Into The Void (2019)


Hoffman’s a talent too; for playing such a showboating big-shot, Joe’s adolescent mood swings from fury to tenderness and back again are nicely understated and unforced.” - Hunter Styles (DC Theatre Scene) on Sex and Education

Hunter Hoffman was magnetic as Mercutio” - Lore Croghan (Brooklyn Daily Eagle) on Romeo and Juliet 

“These two supporting characters, and the myriad of other characters (Tyler French is my fave as Reese and Hunter Hoffman is aces as well) and cameos add a wonderful flavor to the series that help it feel grounded despite the hijinks.” - Le Noir Auteur on Hunting Season

“You want drama? At a key moment, the gullible lord in question, Claudio (perfectly acted by Hunter Hoffman), calls his bride, Hero (played by a luminous Emma Wisniewski), a whore. In church. During their wedding. He's publicly shaming the governor of Messina's innocent, virginal daughter.” - Lore Croghan (Brooklyn Daily Eagle) on Much Ado About Nothing

“Samuel Pepys (winningly played by Hunter Hoffman) reportedly called Kynaston ‘the loveliest lady I ever saw in my life.’ … As Samuel Pepys, who introduces the opening scene (from Shakespeare’s Othello, when Desdemona is killed), Hunter Hoffman displayed charm and wit.” - Bruce Hodges (New York Classical Review) on Prince of Players